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Liberation through Innovation

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Our Story

We started cultivating small-batch cannabis in 2006 and haven't looked back since. Our CEO and Founder, has been an avid cultivator of cannabis for more than 13 years, and that love of cultivation inevitably led him to explore the purification and isolation of cannabinoids. 

He co-founded The Clear™ Concentrate in 2013. The Clear™ pioneered the distillation of cannabis oils and was the first company to develop custom fabricated cannabis distillation equipment. They created the class of concentrates known today as “Solvent Free” and are leaders in the global cannabis industry. In October of 2013, The Clear™ was on-site in Colorado for the first legal hemp harvest in the United States in over fifty years. They then manufactured America's first hemp-based CBD extracts. The Clear™ CBD is now available in all fifty US states and territories.​

He then founded Umami Seed Company™ in February of 2018. This has allowed him to share his passion for unique cannabis genetics around the globe. The company slogan is Flavor > Everything and all of his creations are geared towards unlocking the plethora of exotic flavors, effects, and cannabinoids yet to be found among the diverse cannabis gene pool.

From Seed to Sale, Umami provides comprehensive consulting services to businesses worldwide. Umami strives to ensure that its clients are on the cutting edge of cultivation, manufacturing, genetic research, and proprietary genetic development for cannabis and hemp utilization.

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Nutrients, Facility Build-Out, and Maximizing Yields

Growing hemp is easy. Growing quality hemp, that's a different story. Umami specializes in facility design and layout, nutrient formulation and dispersion methodology, growing strategies, and production efficiencies. Maximizing yields means maximizing profits. Cultivation is only half the battle. After harvest, you need to process and prepare your material before it obtains real value.  Umami can assist you with the most cost-effective systems from seed to sale.

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CBD and THC Extraction and Infusion, Vertical Integration, and SOP's

The keys to profitably extracting CBD and THC come from high-quality plant material, fully optimized extraction technology and machinery, and well defined standard operating procedures. Umami takes the guessing out of this process and can supply you with equipment at wholesale prices as well as a comprehensive extraction manual for substantial yields.


Design, Marketing, and Distribution

Now you’ve finished harvesting and the question arises: “what do I do with it?”. This is a problem for a huge number of facilities. They focus so narrowly on creating product that they don’t have distribution channels established. Umami will assist you in creating a brand and finding vendors and distributors to sell to.

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